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This story begins in a tiny Italian restaurant...

That restaurant used to be on Miller’s Run Road in Cuddy, Pa. Its just a little down the ways from here... anyways.

Our Chef T. was looking for a job when he walked in, but instead he found a certain blond bartender named Elaine.

He tried to concentrate during the interview but Chef T. kept one eye on the petite blond behind the bar. He later mentioned that he was never so motivated to get a job in his life.




They began to work together, as friends, and soon the restaurant was serving Chef T. originals such as the Harlot Pasta

(spicy and red), Honey Glazed Chicken Salad, Deep Fried Gnocchi with a Tequila Salsa, and of course the oversized

Vanilla Cream Puff that fed a small army. 


Chef T. kept quiet about his feelings towards Elaine until a group of friends went out one night and she asked him to dance. It was their first dance of many and they are still dancing together today as Mr. and Mrs.!


These recipes are family traditions from Chef T’s childhood dinners with his grandparents in Johnstown, Pa.

We source locally whenever possible and prepare each dish by hand. 


The new phase of their life begins as they welcome

you to Valentour’s Family Restaurant and Pub.

We hope that you and your family can relax,

have fun, and become our friends and part

of our extended family. 


Thank you all for coming, 

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